Free Ariana Grande debuts in Upcoming Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Movie Download

Ariana Grande Butera, known as Ariana Grande is making her mark on the video game industry. The 23 starlet who rose to fame with Broadway musical 13 and Victorious has already starred in movies like Underdogs and Zoolander No. 2.
The young singer is known for her albums “Yours Truly”, “My Everything” and “Dangerous Woman”. After rocking movies, dramas and singing, it was time for her to venture into gaming industry, we believe her fans will love her even more for this move.

The Game Itself

There is no argument that Final Fantasy was perhaps the best game to make her debut. The Square Enix series which debuted in 1987 and had its latest release in 2016 dubbed as Final Fantasy XV is one of the longest running game series of all time. The game has been introduced on every platform that ever existed. It is ranked among the bestselling video game franchises of all time.

About Her Role

The pop art will be featured as a playable character in the upcoming android game from final fantasy franchise. The upcoming installment dubbed as “Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius will be featuring tow knights who will summon visions to aid in combat.
The game will be a free to play entry which will be turn based combat and feature Ariana Grande as DW (Dangerous Woman). The character is inspired from her Album Cover of same name.

The singer wrote on social media about the character, “It’s the cutest thing I’ver ever seen in my life. I am excited and in love with it, I cannot contain myself.”
While this is a new thing for the series, the fans may don’t want to see it as a trend. Who knows the series may introduce Dungeons crawl with a whole army of Pop Stars?

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