Free Dangal, The Next Highest Grosser of Bollywood Movie Download

2016 was the year of Bollywood coming of age movie making. The content was not all filled with fictional love stories and common man superheroes. Instead, we saw a more realistic approach and better execution. Speaking of the change, Sports Biopics cannot be ignored. There were many entries like M.S Dhoni, Azhar, and Sultan. But the one that won hearts all around was Aamir Khan’s much anticipated Dangal.


The speculations first began in early 2015 when the veteran actor after success of “PK” stated he will be starring as Father. Later on, the story developed as it will be the biopic of Mahavir Singh Phogat who trained his 4 daughters to become a wrestler.
There were many hypes about the movie, the most famous being Aamir putting on weight and hiring a professional trainers for the crew.

It’s Competition

While Dangal was set to release in late 2016, it had fierce competitors like Sultan and M.S Dhoni, both of them which were superseded by Dangal. Such biopics were not a only a tough competition but was a boost for the movie’s popularity. The leading Actor played a hunch as there was no released in 2015 by him. So it will be safe to say people had very high expectations from the movie.

In the End

By all means, Dangal not only delivered but exceeded the expectations in every up and down. From its comic sequences to melodrama, everything in the movie was a fine piece of work. It was well received by both public and critics. As for the collection, Dangal is all set to cross the 5 billion Indian rupee barrier. Its first 3 day collection superseded everything, even Sultan. So far, the movie has collect 4 billion and it will continue to spin money for a while. This may make another highest grosser of Bollywood.

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