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Marvel owned Superheroes movie with the nerd fantasy “Avengers” released back in 2012. That time, DC was too busy with their Dark Knight saga to care. But as Christopher Nolan’s met with its end, it was a break for DC. So they decided to make their comeback with Man of Steel which laid the foundation for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (sparking the war between fans and critics).

Suicide Squad’s Reception

What people were really interested to see was “Suicide Squad”. After all, Joker was returning to live action and Jared Leto seemed promising. While the movie was met with mixed reviews, it managed to gross nearly $750 million. Everyone was disappointed in the Joker, (not with Leto’s delivery) as the character hardly got 10 minutes on screen time even though he gets a good credit for the success.
While the movie was not as great as we all expected, none can argue that the Performances of Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Viola Davis saved the movie. After the Joker, it was Harley Quinn who got everyone crazy and it paid off.

The Potential Project

Even before the film’s release, the Actresses and crew confirmed there will be a spin off focussong on Robbie’s breakthrough character.
Till that date, there is no confirmation on the release date but the story keeps developing. Joker has his own cult following, but Harley was never behind. Margot’s performance boosted the fan base and no doubt that a movie focusing on Harley will be a success.
To make sure of it, DC once again hired David Ayer (Director of Suicide Squad) for the potential project. It will be a part of Gotham City Sirens and will not only focus on Harley alone, but will feature iconic female foes of Batman including Catwoman and Poison Ivy. The project is being written by Geneva Robertson-Dworet.

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