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Twenty Sixteen was a year of great hits, and it didn’t failed to live up to our expectations. Along the expectations, was the box office report and impressive paychecks for the actors, paying off their effort. Following, we are listing the names of highest paid actors of 2016.

Kevin Hart- $87.5 Million

A comedian turned actor, Kevin Hart made his into acting with his charismatic comedy. Although not a pure actor, he delivered some good movies this year namely “Ride Along 2”, “Central Intelligence”, and “The Secret Life of Pets”. He didn’t padded all the money from acting considering this stand-up shows and endorsements.

Dwayne Johnson- $64.5 Million

The highest earning pure actor, well we can’t argue that Johnson got a chunk of his money from WWE. Dwayne is known for starring in hits. This year was no different. His role in Ballers which is going hard since 2015 and Comedy Flick “Central Intelligence” paved the way to become one of the highest earning actors of 2016.

Jackie Chan- $61 Million

While the last Rush Hour was released in 2007, the Chinese star was busy in his home town. He provided voice over for a character in “Monkey King: Hero is Back”, and starred in a couple of movies. These were “Kung Fu Panda 3”, “Skiptrace”, and “Dragon Blade”.

Matt Damon- $55 Million

Damon made into the list thanks to the return of his action/thriller drama in 2016’s “Jason Bourne”. Apart from that, the only good mention here is “The Great Wall”, which we believe help him made into the list and got an edge over Ben Affleck, his “Good Will Hunting” buddy.

Tom Cruise- $53 Million

Still going hard at 54, this was no surprise. Cruise is careful when it comes to picking up roles and it pays off. Although the only mention he had in 2016 was “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”, his other ventures helped getting the staggering paycheck.

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