Free Predictions that will Define 2017 for Artists around the World Movie Download

With the end of 2016, the trajectory of art market has been flattened. But that doesn’t mean artists around the world will go broke. There are some good expectations from the new year. There are many predictions and evidence suggesting that this may be the year for art and it will thrive in business. speaking of which, following are what we expect.

Malls will get Artistic

We hope to see this trend in practice this year. Artists will be called to make the malls more attractive than ever. This may call for artist stores selling works (replicas) from Bernard Buffet, Dali, Picasso etc. We may see outlets advertising art malls and more of such projects in upcoming years. If it all goes well, it will be a major uplift for the art market and artists all around the world.

Luxury and Experience

Recently, there was a conference that said that artists should consider technology and fashion and try to intersect these two in their creation. This is not a new concept, but a glimpse of what is expected in future. 2017 may be that year because of what’s happening in fashion and luxury sectors. Almost every sector is adopting this concept and improving user experience. This is the perfect example of “experience economy” is used to make experience a product.

Art Fairs may Suffer

The Art Fairs that prospered in 2016 in unexpected locations like Bahrain are going to have their own events. Well, we don’t want to inspire false hope to any artist out there. European fairs will face a shortage of visitors from around the world due to a few reasons. In fact, some predictions say that this year will be a tough one for art fairs and exhibitions. There will be a major fair change hands, so be prepared.

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