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Father Figures (2017) Full Movie Online Free
Genres: Comedy
Language: English
Director: Lawrence Sher
Writer: Justin Malen
Stars: Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, Glenn Close


Upon learning that their mother has been lying to them for years about their allegedly deceased father, two fraternal twin brothers hit the road in order to find him.

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Father Figures brings nothing new or innovative to the table, but it follows the formula well and delivers a perfectly fine movie. Ed Helms and Owen Wilson star as twin brothers who discover that their father, whom they were told died before they could know him, isn’t actually their father. Their mother, played by Glenn Close, isn’t sure who their father is, but is pretty sure it’s Terry Bradshaw. They then embark on a traditional road comedy as they go to meet him and continually get clues as to who their father is moving them along. The meet an interesting cast of characters and learn about themselves along the way before realizing that the most important thing is that they have each other.

There is no stand out performer who consistently elicits laughs, but it keeps chugging along with decent jokes enough to prevent it from dragging. They avoid overusing any of the jokes and there weren’t any points where I was just waiting for the scene to end. This isn’t going to be a classic or something that you want to watch over and over, but there are a lot worse ways to kill 2 hours.

This movie is a welcome break from all the other films out there. Between all the serious Oscar-driven drama and groan-worthy sequels, Father Figures is a fun, “let’s forget about all my stress” kind of movie. The jokes aren’t on top of each other like most comedies, and the actors engage you right from their first scenes (in particular Katt Williams). But what surprised me most was how much heart the movie had. Maybe it’s because I have two young kids, but watching the two brothers in the train scene and interacting with the mom at the end had me crying! Definitely a fun movie – you get the laughs as well as the warm fuzzies all in one film.

Great cast, big fan of Owen Wilson & Ed Helms, completely wasted. It was absolutely . . . TERRIBLE! Don’t waste your time or money! Very few laughs. Incredibly inane story line. I haven’t seen a movie this bad since . . . I’m going to have to go with Will Ferrell in “Land of the Lost”.

Listen, I’m not going to be trivial here nor am I going to go into important plot points (because there aren’t any) it’s just simply a waste of time spent, a waste of talented actors in a wasted film again written by the fine folks at Hallmark. Granted, the first fifteen minutes are hilarious and then it takes a turn and never looks back. You want them to find their father so we, the poor audience, can leave and find something with substance.

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