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The Red Maple Leaf (2017) Watch Online Free
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Language: English
Director: Frank D’Angelo
Writers: Frank D’Angelo
Stars: James Caan, Robert Loggia, Martin Landau


On a seemingly worry-free Ottawa morning, young Jenni Adams, daughter of U.S. Ambassador Patrick Adams, is snatched from right under the nose of her Secret Service detail. The blatant act has left the American authorities searching for answers with powerful pressure coming at them from every side. From senators all the way up to the President of the United States, the hunt is on to find this girl alive and return her to her family.

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My Mom watched the film at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival and told me that if I get a chance to see it I should because I would enjoy it. So, I looked it up and it was playing for a second screening as the closing film of the festival. I told my friends about it and we decided to make it an evening out to watch the movie and attend the closing festivities. I had no expectations as my mom just told me it was a great film. It started off tragically, with a detective losing his family in a car crash. The movie then changes gears into the life of a U.S. Ambassador and his wife whose young daughter went missing one morning in Ottawa Ontario, where the detective is asked to work on this case. Considering this is a movie that has so many moving parts and characters, I feel it was brilliantly directed. My friends and I were entertained through the entire movie, and were able to easily follow along with the entire story line. I was nervous recommending it to 5 girls to watch with me, as everyone is different, and usually people have different ideas of what is entertaining, however, every one of my friends enjoyed the film. I would definitely watch it again, and even recommend it to others. It also happens to feature Eric Roberts who is very sexy and one of my favorite actors.

A real joy to watch and a pleasure for me to share with my friends. The Red Maple Leaf is an extraordinary simple film, yet it tells a big story, and what a story delivered by a super talented cast of some of Hollywood’s finest actors. We happened to catch the film during the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival and we’re glad we did. Don’t expect special effects and explosions, this is a real life drama. The film is produced and finely crafted by an independent production company, but I will be surprised if a big film distributor does not pick this film up very quickly because it’s a fantastic film. If you get a chance to see it when it becomes available, do it you will enjoy it

I had not heard of the Red Maple Leaf, and was hesitant to watch the film. My sister was able to persuade me to go watch it at The Hamilton Festival. I usually like to be entertained from beginning to end, and I have to say this film did the job. Right from the beginning you meet this workaholic detective and his family, who have such an amazing, fun relationship. Tragedy hits them early on, and he has loses everything. The detective gives up on life shortly after losing his family, but is convinced to take on the case of the U.S. Ambassador’s missing daughter. The detective has to deal with the missing girl’s emotional mother and seemingly apathetic father. As the story goes on you see how the detective continues to draw emotional parallels to his family heartbreak and this young girl’s case. As mentioned, at first I was hesitant to watch the film, but I can say this was probably one of the most entertaining story lines I have seen this year. You will be entertained from beginning to end, and the writers do a great job of creating a story line you can engross yourself in. Detective Palermo pulls on your heartstrings as his search runs from hot to cold throughout the film. I would definitely recommend this film!

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